Casino addiction

The problem of addiction to a online casino Ireland cannot be underestimated. Of course, there are people who manage to win, even on a regular basis, and earn their living by this means without any troubles related to addiction. However, the problem of ludomania is, unfortunately, a widespread occurrence. Thus, people who admire spending time in a casino, on the Internet or a real one, shall beware of this trouble.

Firstly, addiction may appear due to personal proneness of a particular person. This is a mental disorder, thus, professional treatment is required. Although, there are certain factors which may influence a person prone to addiction.

Circumstances Causing Addiction

  • Psychological discomfort that is caused by negative emotions and troubles challenged by a person. There is a wish to get rid of these feelings at whatever the cost.
  • Problems in communication with colleagues, friends, and relatives. Quite often, such people are lonely or face problems in family relations.
  • Inability to independently cope with stresses and troubles.
  • The passive way of life as such a person has no dreams, targets, plans. 
  • Bad examples of friends and relative who have already got addicted and try to persuade the others to “join the team”.

Evidence of Addiction

  •  An addict becomes closed from the people surrounding him and tries to avoid contacting them;
  • This person is fully captured by a casino, most of the time is spent gambling;
  • Incapability to control oneself and stop; it is noticeable that he or she has spent all night with no sleep;
  • Having no possibility to start a new game, an addict becomes angry and aggressive, just like drug addicted people;
  • The wish to risk and make a bet on all the money;
  • The feeling of being unique and the luckiest persuading that this is the time when he or she will be lucky to hit jackpot;
  • All the money and time are spent on a casino, besides, an addict sells his property and asks friends and relatives to borrow money.

It depends on a person and strength of his or her will if he or she may realize a problem on one’s own or the relatives and friends have to intervene in order to help. Although to help oneself not to get on trouble, a person shall remember the basic rules to be followed while gambling:

  1. Moderation in time: set an hour or two and stay no longer in a game, despite the feeling that this is the best time to win.
  2. Moderation with money and betting: identify a certain amount of money you are ready to lose in a game. If you win, congratulations. If not, stop and do not negative emotions rule.
  3. Intend to get entertained not to earn: in such a way, the disappointment in case of loss will not be so devastating. Expecting less, there will be no despair. But in case of a win, the joy will be incredible.
  4. No loans: in no way, let yourself ask for money to gamble. It is one of the steps which will end up with the loss of control and addiction.

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