Gambling Addiction – Danger or Not?

How do people treat gambling? As always, there is a confrontation of supporters and detractors, as well as those who are indifferent to this entertainment. But what is all the fuss about?

It is a kind of amusement commerce where aside from getting an unforgettable experience, a gambler may hit a jackpot or win a certain amount of money. Quite harmless, isn’t it? From one point of view, this is a regular way of entertainment and pastime. Although, there certain flaws and problems behind the brightness and alluring beauty of slots, casino tables, and Internet services.

What to Be Afraid of?

People may get addicted to gambling causing serious troubles for him or her in all the aspects of life. It is feasible to trace three main stages of getting addicted.

  • The winning stage

It is obvious that a person falls in love with gambling for getting rewards and jackpots. The adrenaline is sky high, while the increasing satisfaction due to often wins provides the feeling of euphoria.

  • The losing stage

The luck and wins have made a person inattentive and wishing for more and more money. Quite probably, the regular expenses have already increased, just like the expenses on gambling which are higher than income. If a person wins, he or she returns to win again. If loses – returns to get one’s own back. At this stage, money is deprived of its value. Some problems with communication with the nearest people appear. It is caused due to irritation which occurs when a person stops gambling.

  • The stage of despair

The problems with relatives worsen. A person may understand that the control over the situation was lost. However, this leads to panic attacks, qualms of conscience, accusations, and even suicidal attacks.

How to Overcome This Addiction?

Just like any other type of addiction, the most essential is that an addicted person realizes the existence of a problem. Otherwise, all the efforts will be wasted. Undoubtedly, the help of a psychiatrist, as well as the support of the relatives, are required. It is essential to let this person feel that real life and emotions are better than those which are experienced during making bets and winning or losing.

Definitely, an addict should put as many efforts as possible and not visit any of these institutions. Besides, it is obligatory to block access to online gambling by means of limits from the Internet provider or passwords.

Prevention is Always Better Than Cure

If a person gambles, he or she should understand the danger of getting addicted. Finding oneself at the first or second stage, it is even possible to get out of this trouble on one’s own. Thus, a gambler shall be attentive to oneself. As soon as there is a feeling that the world and people around are not interesting anymore, it is better to stop gambling for some time to make sure that it is not an addiction.

In the event of doubts, the best solution is talking to a friend and asking him or her to pay attention if behavior changes. In the first place, it is significant, to be honest to oneself. Unfortunately, some people are prone to addiction to gambling, alcohol or smoking. Even if a person does not consider oneself addicted, it is recommended to be careful and gamble with caution and the feeling of moderation.

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