Gambling addiction statistics

For people suffering from mental illness, denial of the problem is typical. “Well, yes, I drink several times a week, but I can stop”, – any alcoholic will say. “Yes, I have been betting for many years, constantly I am in a minus, but it was just a misfortune, everything will change soon,” every gamer believes. However, dependence is something that a person cannot simply get rid of, no matter how simple it may seem.

Nowadays, Hong Kong leads in the world gambling addiction rates; the United States and Canada are sharing the second place. According to statistics, in a city with 500,000 population, 5% are addicted to gambling. In Japan 3.6% of the total population (3.2 million people) are addicted to games. Meanwhile, in the Netherlands the numbers are lower – 1.9%, and in France – 1.2%.

The portrait of typical gamer

Who often suffers from gambling? The psychological image is clear: the dependent type of personality is considered more addicted. The following features frequently characterize them:

  • They always look for the best Aussie online casinos.
  • Gamers include a wide social contingent: most often, we are talking about the middle or working classes.
  • These people are not lonely: they have families and children.
  • They have a certain dissatisfaction with their social position or the situation in the family, complemented by a desire to be significant.
  • They aimed at getting easy income, when a person has bet a little and won a lot.

What are the symptoms of addiction?

If you play during the last year and you can notice at least four symptoms described below, then you are gambling dependant:

  •  You feel aggression or depression when not allowed to play;
  •  Your social ties and interests are reduced to the minimum;
  • You know the secret of winning;
  •  The motive of gambling is always noble: helping the family, giving money for surgery, paying for college, etc;
  • You know how to spend money after winning;
  •  You think that life is boring. Emotional security is experienced only during the game;
  •  It is difficult to accept the reality. You need to be on top, and for that you need money;
  •  Earning money causes a lot of pressure and tension. I want to get fast money.

Some slot machines or lotteries often seem like fun and harmless means to relieve stress. Recently, people have become massively “addicted”. We must remember that gambling is in a line with other addictions such as alcoholism, drug addiction, and substance abuse, and it passes the same stages in its development.

It is important to remember that addiction is based on loneliness, and lack of social connections. Take your time to help your lovers in overcoming problem – give them your love and appreciation.

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